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“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”
Jim Collins

We strongly believe that bringing the right people together makes the difference. An optimal team constellation drives disruption, innovation, happiness, and finally success. That’s exactly what we’re striving for!

Our vision is to enable companies to make the best possible hiring decision based on candidates’ personality and personal interaction. We want people to excel together!

Meet some companies that hire with a personal focus.

We are proud to work with some of the most innovative and successful companies from different industries. We call them our partners. They are aware of the importance of candidates’ personality and softs skills. 

They know that the right people at the right positions can make all the difference. Hiring people with high future potential leads to more satisfaction, higher retention rate and to a unique company culture. Thank you for trusting in tomsfive!

The team

We love to work with imaginative, energetic and passionate people.

Meet the team

A quick snapshot of our history.


It all started in September 2017 when we founded tomsfive GmbH in Herisau Switzerland with one crazy idea of making the recruiting process more personal.


2019 was a groundbreaking year with the establishment of tomsfive AG, the collaboration with several key-Partners, the acceptance of our Mobile Applications in the App Store and Google Play, and much more!

Proof of Concept

After completing a prototype of our basic SaaS-Solution we tested it with several companies and presented it on international conferences. The results proved our concept, and also defined our product road-map for 2019.

Wow, time runs!

2020, we are ready for you with a unique, highly innovative, total modular and integrated, state of the art candidate selection SaaS. We have one mission: to make your teams successful!

Meet the enthusiasts of a personal, efficient and fair recruiting-process.

Heini Seger

Heini Seger

Co-Founder & CEO
Martin Klotz

Martin Klotz

Sales & Operations
Victor Conzalez

Victor Conzalez

Product Manager
Maike Kill

Maike Kill

Michael Bernasconi

Michael Bernasconi

Business Development
Nicolas Schaer

Nicolas Schaer

Business Development North America