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The best candidate selection solution for your Applicant Tracking System. Fast, fair and personal.

tomsfive is the optimal add-on for your  recruiting process, by enabling you to select the best applicants, with a strong focus on personal interaction and individual competencies. Get to know more applicants on a more personal level – in less time.

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We solve your recruiting challenges.

tomsfive is a perfect add-on for SAP SuccessFactors and excels the needs in recruiting from todays market leaders with one or more of the following challenges:

Number of applications

You have too many applications per open position and it is only possible to make a first selection based on CVs. You meet a small portion of your candidates personally because everything else would not be efficient.

Missing personality insights

Your first selection is based on CVs, diploma, etc. However, you are also interested in your candidates’ potential, in competencies and soft skills. For the best hiring decision, you wish to have a full picture of all your candidates.

Missing time for interviews

Your time is limited and your calendar is packed. Although you would like to meet more candidates personally for the best hiring decision, you just have no time.

Wrong candidates

The candidates you meet personally do not suit most of the time. In general, it is a challenge for you to find the right candidates out of your long list for the first interview.

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Product Features

Use the most significant candidate selection modules for SAP SuccessFactors.

Video introduction

Use video in a simple and efficient way to introduce the position as well as the team. Also ask for a video introduction from your candidates. Get the most out of video.

Psychometric analysis

Use a predictive online questionnaire for your candidate selection. Get insights about your candidates’ competencies and personality traits.

Interview scheduling

Schedule a first interview with your candidates fast, simple and with a high interaction rate. All on one single solution for both parties.

Speed interview

Meet up to 4 candidates in one hour in a face to face 10min video call. Talk about their motivation and other important stuff and get a first impression.

Talent pool and chat

Further engage with your candidates using our chat solution. Keep up the high engagement rate and ensure a brilliant candidate experience.

Personal interaction and candidates’ competencies quantified – AI supported.

Consider tomsfive for an optimisation of your selection process through a higher rate of personal interaction and a deeper knowledge of your candidates’ competencies (AI supported dynamic online questionnaire). Through a standardised and efficient combination, your selection decisions are based on complete, fair and detailed information.

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The inefficiency of today’s recruiting process.

The strong focus on CVs and diplomas in today’s recruiting process leads to several challenges. Most talents never get a chance to introduce themselves, and if so, more than 2/3 of the first interviews are negative due to a missing personal fit.

Candidates never met
Quit within first year
Missing personal fit

Statements from our partners.

Our Partners are our biggest supporters. See what they think about us.

“tomsfive use the highest quality standards in the development of the SaaS application. A solid solution with a great user experience that keeps what it promises. We are looking forward to working together with the tomsfive team in the future.”

Christian Schmid
CTO, Software Architect,

“The right diversity inside of teams leads to innovative products and better performances. Therefore it is of high importance to focus on the personality of a candidate from the beginning of the recruiting process.”

Dr. Roger Moser
University of St.Gallen (HSG) & ASIA CONNECT Center (ACC-HSG)

“tomsfive focus on the latest innovation in the recruiting process. These allow recruiters to center on the personality of the candidate. Furthermore they help companies maximize the candidate experience. A disruptive and promising idea with a lot of potential.”

Abdullah Redzepi
Professor/Advisor in HR-Management University of Applied Science St. Gallen

Some news about us.

tomsfive on tour.

Several events and conferences as well as magazines have hosted tomsfive so far. We are looking forward to further exciting shows and awesome events in the future! Thanks for being part of our journey.