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Build winning teams long-term with a seamless integration of our modules.

Seamlessly integrated in SAP SuccessFactors, tomsfive will serve you as a decision intelligence solution for your candidate selection. With a strong focus on candidates‘ competences and personality, in combination with a boost in personal interaction, you‘ll increase your Quality-of-Hire and decrease your Time-to-Hire at the same time.


Import your candidate long list directly from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into tomsfive.

Candidate Selection

Select the best talents through tomsfive’s modules with a strong focus on candidates’ personality and personal interaction.

Hire to retire

Once you have found the best talents your can hire and manage them with your HR-system again. Seamless and efficient.

For demo and trial purposes, and for exceptional cases, a stand alone version is appropriate. From job-creation with share functions to basic application management to all other tomsfive elements – learn fast and simple how tomsfive increases your recruiting process.

Job Creation and Sharing

Create a job and share it through personal invites or through different platforms with a public link. Manage your candidates directely.

Candidate Selection

Select the best talents through tomsfive with a strong focus on candidates’ personality and personal interaction.

Talent pool management

Build and manage your job specific talent pools. Interact with your candidates and discuss the next steps.

Mobile first for your candidates.

Offer your candidates an easy to use mobile application for a personal interaction during the selection process. Thanks to a simple and direct notification logic, your candidate engagement and communication becomes efficient and fast. For Android and iOS.

How it works.

tomsfive is a unique and powerful SaaS solution, modular combinable for each position, to screen, meet and select the best talents from all your candidates.

Company introduction video

Use video to accelerate the candidate experience. As a perfect add-on to your ATS, videos can be used to personalise your job description, to talk about the position, the working environment and introduce the team as well as the company.

Candidate assessment modules

Based on your predefined job preferences, candidates create their personal profile. This can include up to three elements: a 60sec video pitch, a CV and results form a dynamic online questionnaire (based on AI). The latter provides you with 9 competencies and 24 personality traits, where the competencies are being matched to your predefined job-competencies.

Interview scheduling

Invite your candidates simple and effortlessly by using an integrated calendar. This allows you to speed up the communication thanks to push notification for candidates and your overall candidate engagement rate.

Speed video-interview

Meet up to 4 candidates within 1 hour in live 10 minutes video-interviews. Use the power of the integrated speed interview to meet more candidates personally than ever before and base your decision on personal interaction.

Talent pool and chat

Stay engaged with your candidates, even when they are being managed from your ATS again, by using our integrated chat function. Thanks to push notification for candidates, the candidate engagement becomes efficient and simple.

Next steps

Let’s work together and start to build winning teams!



Let’s get in touch! Learn more about tomsfive’s benefits and let’s discuss all key points of a project.



Together, we analyse your recruiting process and specifically adjust all parameters for a unique candidate experience.



Experience a boost in your candidate selection process and get used to the new, efficient and personal approach.



Build winning teams and increase your performance with the best people at the right position – chosen with tomsfive.